Agartha Anniversary Events and Promos
Posted on Jun 16,2019 at 08:31

AGARTHA is approching its 7th year of serving Filipino MuOnline lovers and with it our events and promos....

Now to kick off we have started with our initial events and others will follow  very soon!

Boost Exp and Rare Drop Event
  • Starting June 16 until July 7, our server EXP rate of x10 will be tripled so currently it is now x30.
  • Now with rare drop event (PVP server only) watchout for Shining Jewelry box, daily from June 16 until July 3rd,  3 to 4 rare items including but not limited to new pentagrams. Shining jewelry box itself will drop some rare items like steel of heaven.

Facebook Share and Like Event

  • Like and share it (FB post above), top 5 who will share it the most will win +15 ancient pentagram with one max errtel of your choice, radiance is included.

eCoins Tier Promo
Item Raffle Event
  • Set package, very soon....
Castle Siege Event
MUPH Management Tm