Agartha Anniversary 2019 Tier Raffle Event
Posted on Jun 20,2019 at 07:02

15 Characters will have a chance to win Tier 3/4/5 Item Promo respectively  on July 3 at 8:00pm, registration of tickets is until July 2 only.

  • TIER 5 - 1st to 5th winners
  • TIER 4 - 6th to 10th winners
  • TIER 3 - 11th to 15th winners

How to register tickets?
  1. Selling one Jewel of Bless to NPC will give you 1 ticket.
  2. Killing some boss monsters will give you 5 to 10 tickets.
  3. Killing some golden monsters will give you 2 to 5 tickets.
  4. Each 100 eCoins spent in CashShop will give you 30 tickets.
  5. PKing 5 non-outlaw characters will give you 1 ticket.
  6. Pking 5 murderers will give you 2 tickets.
  7. Pking 5 Heroes will give you 2 tickets.
  8. Every 3 lucky coins you will register in Devias will give you 1 ticket.
  9. You can buy tickets from Loyalty Store, 3 tickets for 10 LP.

  1. PKing in PK Free zone like lorencia circle/pit will not give you PK count for the tickets.
  2. You should PK 5 different characters using different computers to gain count for the tickets.
  3. Switching or relogging character will reset your PK counts for the tickets.
  4. Lucky coins you registered before this event are included.
  5. Adjustments in the raffle rewards or mechanics in getting tickets might be applied without prior notice when necessary...
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