Summer Heat Grand Raffle Event
Posted on May 10,2015 at 07:59
Starting on May 10 at 9 AM upto June 10, you will earn 1 raffle ticket for every 100 Pesos .....
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The First of The Duelmaster's Events - Rebirth
Posted on May 09,2015 at 21:47
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Fruits of Labor, Coin What May
Posted on Apr 27,2015 at 05:30
Planning on getting some extra eCoins? Here's a treat for you... In pre-celebration of the working man's hard work through the years, we are giving ex .....
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DM 2015 Fist Master Class Finale
Posted on Mar 03,2015 at 23:14
Congratulations to <R>[i]<P> .....
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Agartha Rebirth Castle Siege Event
Posted on Feb 27,2015 at 15:14
Agartha Rebirth's Castle Siege event will be held every Sunday at 8PM and the first event will be on March 8, 2015. The alliance who will be declared .....
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Additional Bonus eCoins - UPDATED!
Posted on Feb 26,2015 at 16:33
Starting on Feb. 26, 2015 at 4:30PM, every donation through MLhuillier, Cebuana, GCash and Merchants will receive a bonus ecoins based on the amount d .....
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DM 2015 RF - Challenge of the Champion
Posted on Feb 21,2015 at 20:34
Server - Server 19
Date & Time - Mar. 2, 2015 at 7 p.m. .....
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Facebook Challenge 2015 Winners
Posted on Feb 17,2015 at 19:43
Congratulations to the following winners in our MUPH Facebook Challengeevent .....
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Agartha Rebirth Top 5 Rebirth Winners
Posted on Feb 08,2015 at 22:16
We now have the top 5 rebirth winners in Agartha Rebirth server's initial event. Winners below should send an email to .....
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New Server Realm - Agartha Rebirth
Posted on Feb 02,2015 at 22:46

Its been a year and maybe you already forgot how the classic season of muonline look like was? How about others seeing your guil .....
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Castle Siege and Golden Fenrir
Posted on Jan 20,2014 at 14:49
Dear Mutizens,

We are now adding the Golden Fenrir as a trophy for weekly Castle Siege. Now whoever will win the Castle Siege will have an .....
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